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Monday, April 04, 2005

SMS jokes during the Zimbabwean election

The parliamentary elections in Zimbabwe just ended but it can be said that there were very unusual elections. At least for the electors. Before, during and after the elections, the electors or the politicians had the opportunity to read a lot of humorous SMS messages poking fun at the main parties and players and their policies. Supporters of the country's main rival parties had their own wordsmiths crafting clever jokes, often taking digs at themselves. An example can be President Robert Mugabe's ZANU-PF party which has been slammed by for seizing white land for redistribution to blacks. "First we had to fight for independence, then they created HIV to exterminate us, then we had to seize land ... I am voting ZANU-PF to prevent another Australia with us as Aborigines," said an SMS sent supposedly by ruling ZANU-PF supporters.
On polling day, a new SMS was created: "Why do you have blood on your hands, have you just slaughtered a cock?", because all those who voted were conspicuous with their ink-stained finger. It must be mentioned that the cock is the ruling party emblem.


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