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Tuesday, February 22, 2005

SMS service against school absenteeism

A new system of SMS alerts is being rolled out in Ballarat, Australia to help cut down on school absenteism. Heh, now mom is also connected ...and receiving messages from teachers: "You child has cut classes today!". Smell the trouble yet? Worst news is that the messages are sent automatically to the absent kid's parents from a school data base.
Our system registers a number on which the [message] is coming back from, so... if the students hijack the number, the system can still do a check and gives a flag that something is wrong
, says Anshu Bhaskar, whose company , Mgm Wireless, is rolling out the technology at one of Ballarat's established private schools.
The results are pretty spectacular: some kids cut up their absences 80%.
Mother, do you know who dropped the bomb? Hush now baby, baby , don't you cry. OOOh, baby, mama is gonna make a big serious man out of ya. Mamma 's gonna check you out on a daily basis, mom will always find out where you've been. Ooh, do the evolution baby.


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